About us

The Jazz Estate is a project of two university students who set out with the intention of promoting jazz music while privileging the black perspectives and narratives that are inseparable from the emergence of this culture. Through this platform, we seek to both discover the history of jazz music and focus on the contemporary, especially emerging musicians to promote their work and to draw more attention to them.

As individuals who act with a political consciousness, we are also trying to establish a platform that seeks to highlight the anti-racist nature of jazz music as a tool against white supremacy and institutional racism.

The Jazz Estate, as an initiative that operates on a completely voluntary basis, does not belong to any kind of organisation, institution or corporation and everything regarding to our platform is mediated by the same two people. The profit we make from our merchandise, most of which are our own designs, mostly helps us pay our rent and our bills while allowing us to find more time and means to give more attention to our platforms.


Your contribution to this effort is appreciated and important in helping us carry on our mission to present and amplify jazz music.

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